HYBE, initiates probe against ADOR CEO Min Heejin and management over NewJeans agency

HYBE confirmed that it initiated a probe over it’s label ADOR.

Min Heejin, South Korean art director and graphic designer founded ADOR in 2021. ADOR a HYBE label became a home to NewJeans. Report has it that CEO Min Heejin, the woman behind the famous girl group NewJeans is in a power struggle over the NewJeans agency. According to The Korea Times, the entertainment giant’s interest in the K-pop agency has now decreased to 80%, with Min acquiring approximately 18% of the company in 2023. The remaining two percent is held by other executives at the company.

Today April 22, report of the ongoing probe initiated by HYBE against ADOR CEO Min Heejin and an unnamed executive was released by South Korean News agency Newsis. In light of this, report has it that two ADOR were allegedly caught tempering with confidential document with intent to sign on investors and leverage HYBE to sell its percentage of stake in NewJeans agency. Responding to this actions, HYBE reportedly called a stakeholder meeting to hold ADOR management accountable and its looking into possible legal action.

HYBE recently admitted in a report that it initiated an audit against some ADOR officials on suspicion that they were attempting to take control of the NewJeans agency. HYBE’s statement did not name any individual ADOR staff members.


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