iOS 18 beta 3 features: Apple deploys new iPhone version to developers.

With iOS 18 beta 3 and iPadOS 18 beta 3 that Apple released today, there are additional tweaks to a number of features.

Developers can now officially access iOS 18 beta 3. The update includes numerous design and interface adjustments, as well as some significant adjustments to the Home Screen customization. See a comprehensive summary of all the updates in iOS 18 beta 3 below. Developer beta testers may already access iOS 18, with a public beta coming up in July and a September general release date set.

With today’s release of the third betas of iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, Apple seems to be getting ready for the introduction of Apple Intelligence. Some of the features that have been tweaked include Dark Mode icons, the Photos app, emoji in Messages, and more.

Last month, Apple formally announced iOS 18, which includes many new features like RCS support, Apple Intelligence, and a revamped Home Screen. Since then, developers and fans have been participating in the company’s pre-release build testing of this impending OS version.

This is to work out any faults and improve performance in preparation for the public launch this autumn. Those who are registered in Apple’s developer program can now see iOS 18 beta 3, which includes some of the features that have been previewing.

iOS 18 beta 3: New features and changes

iOS 18 beta 3: New features and changesA new feature of iOS 18 beta 3 is the automated conversion of Home Screen app icons to dark mode. It looks that the functionality makes use of some kind of machine learning picture separation system.

Dynamic Wallpaper

The iOS 18 beta 3 update brings a new color-changing option called “dynamic” to the default wallpaper. Enabling these new dynamic options will cause the color of your background to shift throughout the day.

Flashlight Interface

For owners of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, iOS 18 brought a significant update to the flashlight. Apple has improved the Dynamic Island flashlight’s user interface with iOS 18 beta 3.


Emoji, Memoji, and stickers have all been merged into one interface in Messages, which can be used by tapping the small icons located at the bottom of the screen. You may quickly locate particular characters and positions by scrolling through your Memoji, or you can press onto icons to access stickers or Memoji.

Using this interface, you can make Memoji and stickers, which you may use in your communications just like emoji. Only stationary stickers can be used with this; stickers from Live Photos that have animation will appear in the bigger attachment sticker size. However, it’s difficult to see the smaller stickers that are used as emoji.

More emoji and stickers are shown at once in the Recent section, and emoji are displayed larger than before, giving you more detail but fewer characters to sift through. These adjustments were probably done by Apple in advance of the release of Image Playground, Genmoji, and Apple Intelligence.

iOS 18 beta 3 RCS in Messages

The Messages section of the Settings app now features a new RCS interface. It now appears as a tap-in menu with some further context rather than just an on/off toggle. According to Apple, using wireless data to send and receive messages with RCS may include the sharing of cellular network identifiers with carriers and their affiliates.

The RCS choice is now visible to some iPhone users in Canada and other nations, though it’s not clear if RCS is functional outside of the US.

Have you seen any changes in the iPadOS 18 beta 3 or iOS 18 beta 3 releases today? Tell us in the comments section below. Stay tuned.

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